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2022 Year-End Financial Checklist

As we head in to the fourth quarter of 2022, along with all your holiday lists, here is a list of financial things that might need action before the end of the year:

 1.     Check your Flexible Spending Account balance or contribute to your Health Savings Account 

2.     Take your Required Minimum Distribution from your retirement account if you are 72 years of age or older 

3.     Make your charitable contributions 

4.     Select next year’s employer benefits 

5.     Review your 401k and IRA contributions 

6.     Consider opening a Roth if you qualify 

7.     Review any tax losses 

8.     Review your estate planning documents 

9.     Review your insurance policies 

10. Review your beneficiaries 


The most important decision you can make as the year comes to a close is to speak with your financial planner to ensure that everything is in order with your overall financial situation. There is time left to take action if needed, but time is running out.