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The Stonebridge Approach 

to Investing

When it comes to our investment management services, our principal objective is to help you achieve your goals while minimizing risk and maximizing return potential consistent with your unique risk tolerance. Additionally, professional advice allows you to make more objective decisions, thereby improving your financial position.

Our investment philosophy is based on the following key factors:

Creating a Stable Core: It is humanly impossible to know what the future holds. Therefore, we create the core of our portfolios to be well diversified and broadly spread across market sectors. Based on our current research, we may temporarily add additional holdings in areas that are exceeding expectations and will readjust as research dictates;

Risk & Return Trade-off: Investors expect higher returns for taking more investment risk, and the financial markets react accordingly. This is why finding the proper balance of risk and return is paramount to investment success;

Expenses Matter: Balancing the knowledge that the cheapest investment isn't always the best, but when all else is comparable, we will choose the investments that have the lowest internal expense ratios;

There are NO Guarantees or “sure bets”: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We are in the stock market for the long haul and will select tried and true investments and managers.

Implementing your plan

We provide consistent and ongoing oversight throughout the implementation and management of your investment plan. We do this by meticulously applying these principles:

Disciplined Investing: We offer sound advice by establishing investment objectives, maintaining a long-term perspective, and setting realistic return expectations. This is a disciplined process, aimed at avoiding emotional reactions to short-term market moves that can cost you real wealth. We do not speculate;

Asset Allocation: By creating a core portfolio that is broadly diversified across all market sectors, we minimize the risk associated with a single sector focus;

Education: We seek to provide education on investment and other financial issues to improve your ability to make wise investment decisions;

Reporting: To measure their progress toward their long term goals, we provide our clients with regular feedback on the performance of their investments in a clear, understandable format;

Research: The Stonebridge-team regularly analyzes changes in economic and market conditions, and will continuously communicate with you on the current conditions to add to your education and knowledge;

Investment adjustments: Based on our research, we will adjust your portfolio to stay in line with current conditions, your stated risk preference, and your long-term goals.