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Survivor / Widowhood Adjustment

The trauma surrounding the loss of a spouse or life partner can be overwhelming. Moreover, if you haven't been particularly involved in any of the paperwork, making sense of finances, and taking over the management of whatever your partner left behind can be daunting. We provide the specialized knowledge and empathy to help you navigate this difficult transition, and we're always ready to offer assistance. From providing checklists to resolve paperwork changes, to drawing up financial plans for your new lifestyle – we are prepared to help.

When you work with us, we will:

Identify Your Short- and Long-Term Objectives
As these objectives change, we’ll strategically adjust our approach accordingly.

Determine Your Optimal Risk Tolerance
Through a series of questions, we’ll pinpoint the amount of risk needed for you to achieve your goals and remain confident in our services.

Follow a Timeline That’s Right For You
After outlining your objectives, we’ll design a strategy that aligns with your optimal timeline for achieving your goals.