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Our Process

At Stonebridge Financial Planning Group, LLC®, we are committed to placing your needs first. To strive for providing each client with the best possible, independent advice, we follow a cyclical financial planning process to pave the way to a stable financial future.

Step 1 – Identifying your needs: In our initial interactions, it will be of the utmost importance to gain a thorough understanding of your current financial situation.

Step 2 – Defining your goals: After establishing where you are in the present, we start looking into the future. At this stage of the financial planning process, it's vital for us to gain a clear understanding of your values and what you will need over the short- and long term.

Step 3 – Designing a plan, just for you: Using all the information we gathered in the previous actions, we will craft a customized plan to pave the way to your future financial objectives.

Step 4: Implementing your plan: Once we have presented your plan and ensured you understand it and are comfortable going forward, we will put your financial plan into action. You can rest assured that we will assist you in continuously monitoring its progress.

Step 5 – Reviews: Change happens, and this is why we do periodic reviews of your needs to see if it still aligns with your financial plan. This enables us to recalibrate your plan, if necessary and ensure that you are still on track to a solid financial future.

Independent advice – just for you

As a fee-based independent firm, we are not limited to the constraints of some other firm. As a result, we can craft customized solutions from a variety of product providers for each of our clients.

In line with our values, we believe in bringing all the key elements of life into one plan. We believe in forging long-term relationships with our clients, and over the years, we will work with you to ensure you feel organized towards your goals, whatever they may be.

From your first investment to your last distribution, we are there to help you and your family understand the complex world of finances.

Think of us as your financial partner in all phases of your life – to help you achieve your financial goals.